The Bible is the best selling book of all time ranked by the Guinness World Records with an estimated total sale of over five billion copies.But for all its popularity,The Bible is also the most misunderstood book of all time. Due to the constant combo of so called ‘harsh‘ biblical teachings and their seeming impracticability in this century, perhaps it is time to have your own understanding of it –  It is simple and yet so complex…

Consider how Christianity has spread globally, how many cultural beliefs have been absorbed by the religious process in each region, thus ensuring that there exists even many subtle differences between for example, a Methodist in London and a Methodist in Singapore. Each doctrine most likely originated from the ideologies of the missionaries that brought the religion to their very doorsteps; with their respective understanding and interpretation of the The Bible. And so the Churches grew but each one loyal to a doctrine based on the founder’s beliefs and so limiting your ability to think outside of that doctrine.

This is where being high becomes an important factor to your enlightenment moving from process to progress. After a few hits from that bong, your thinking becomes limitless and you no longer rely only on what you were taught. You become engaged in that fluid possibility of freedom to explore the very depths of your mind; see things in a new light so to speak…so from 4:45 pm everyday, I’ll supply a new perspective but you alone gets to decide how you choose to interpret it. I reckon  after twenty five minutes of toking, you’re already in the right “cloud“… 😉


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