Why does World Hunger Exist?

”…the world produces enough to feed the entire global population of 7 billion people. And yet, one person in eight on the planet goes to bed hungry each night. In some countries, one child in three is underweight. Why does hunger exist?”- World Food Program (WFP)

I love taking long walks alone on cool evenings, sometimes to free my mind of worries or to get a fresh view on life’s issues or to simply enjoy the cool breeze. Either way, I am always grateful for those periods of solitude because I usually return home mentally and physically relaxed. The only dent in my refreshing walks is the constant spectacle of people on the streets begging for food. I often try to understand why we live in an insane society where money is prioritized over the basics like food and water. More worrisome is the apparent indifference demonstrated by the majority of people who choose to ignore or avoid those in need of such basics. Why is it such a big deal? It’s only food! Just like the fleeting nature of the human life, where all destinations ends in death, food is equally fleeting and eventually ends in the toilet.

The ugly truth is that the term ‘World Hunger’ exists only as an illusion to separate those capable of feeding from those who cannot. As a matter of fact, it is not the lack of food that causes world hunger, but the lack of money to buy food that is the real cause of world hunger. Oddly, it seems while half the world is starving, the other half is trying to lose weight. It is a vicious imbalance which needs to be addressed immediately. Recent statistics by the WFP suggest that “one third of all food produced (1.3 billion tons) is never consumed. This food wastage represents a missed opportunity to improve global food security in a world where one in 8 is hungry”. We have food to waste and yet people go to bed hungry. The irony is almost too absurd.

And so in attempting to answer the question: ‘Why does World hunger exist?’ the answer is simple; because we created it, because we allow so much greed to fester without realizing that our own wellbeing is significantly dependent on the wellbeing of our neighbour. So next time you see someone begging for food, try to think differently and never overlook them. The only difference between you and them is that you’ve eaten that day and they haven’t. That’s all!!! Trust me; it’s a memory you can look back on and be grateful for, a memory worth feeling good and smiling about.


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