FREE YOUR MIND…on History, Lies and Conformity

“What if I told you that the version of history you were taught in school was heavily revised to favour an agenda while hiding its crimes, and in doing so fostered an unrealistic sense of false patriotism used to manufacture your allegiance to a corporate entity masquerading as your government”


Growing up in Africa, I always viewed historic information more as a relative opinion than an actual record of facts. Unfortunately we were raised in the age of conformity; simply believing everything we were taught and no provision for doubts. SET YOUR MIND FREE. Here we debunk some of the many lies of History

For a true grasp of the concept of History,  it is important to understand that everything we call history are written accounts by humans, meaning all such accounts had a probability for bias. It only captures what the human recording it can remember and choose to record. Imagine looking at a family picture and everyone in the picture is smiling broadly, your immediate interpretation is probably “aww what a happy family” right? But in reality, that picture alone is not sufficient evidence that the family is truly happy. They may have been at each others throats moments before the picture was taken but they revised their poses and smiles just for the sake of that picture.

Recently, several archaeological findings around the world have been published  which destroy our understanding of man’s history and origin. Yet we cling to our conformist beliefs and tell ourselves that we know the truth. Well, the truth will always be the truth even if no one believes it, and a lie will always be a lie even if everyone believes it”

In the end, you need to question everything. It is totally Ok to doubt what you have been taught to believe because most of those things are either lies, propaganda or intentionally designed to keep us living in conformity and control.

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