FREE YOUR MIND -… On The Most Important Word Ever (1)

Freedom of the mind is the ability to use your mind without prejudice and without fear to understand things even if they clash with your customs, privileges or belief. It is about the understanding of yourself, by yourself, and for yourself. But you cannot understand until you know the ‘WHY’
It is the first step to truly freeing your mind for you are not free until you know why you do the things you do.

Until you understand why you need to THINK for yourself and not simply rely on some mundane sh*t from centuries ago. Until you understand the need to DO things for yourself, not tailoring

your behaviour to the expectations of others -If you’re a good person, it is because you CHOOSE to be good not because people expect you to be. And until you understand Why you need to rise above all the pettiness and sentiments and negativity, to be lifted and see from a totally different perspective…

to be continued…

Are you high yet? Please comment… đŸ˜‰


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