FREE YOUR MIND – The Most Important Word Ever (2)

…You are not free until you finally wield full control and accept responsibility for your actions or inactions. Until you have a firm grasp on Freewill, and until you accept that even though you may lie to the world, you never bullshit yourself.

Knowing WHY frees you from being ‘a slave to the Matrix‘. Understanding the WHY is what frees you to be yourself, to appreciate each experience in life, and not whining or feeling sorry for yourself all the time. You start to reason within yourself, questioning so called rules, aspiring for a higher awareness and attaining a peace like no other.

Freedom of the mind is the pathway to enlightenment and spiritual awakening. A stronger connection to nature, and a shift in your consciousness enabling you to be unlimited in thinking, healing emotional turbulence and ultimately achieving your aspirations. Remember, a Free Mind is achieved by understanding yourself and that understanding is achieved by knowing the WHY.


Want a shortcut to freeing your mind? get super baked and read the wisdom of Solomon in Ecclesiastes. I promise you a life changing experience.

Are you high yet? Pease comment… 😉


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